Merchandising and distribution activity of logistics is undertaken under our roof with a facility of warehousing in residential and also industrial area of Kuwait. With a space of over 2000 square feet always there is enough room for certain volumes of cargo to be stored.

Custom Clearance

Clearance from customs of one and all kinds of cargo is relatively made easy given the facility our clients can enjoy with us. TCS has its clearing staff under its roof to do the necessary clearance at sea port, air port and at the road borders. Our clearing staff handle general cargo, industrial cargo, food stuff, DG cargo, refrigerated cargo and critical cargo be it import into Kuwait or being exported out of Kuwait.


Our fleet of trailers and pick up trucks scores an encore for us in handling the needs of exporting cargo or imported cargo. Industrial enterprise or public sector undertakings specially oil related companies can utilize our fleet where governmental protocol is to be strictly abided by the concerned establishments as drivers of the fleet are also under our sponsorship.

International Removals

International relocation has its own challenges to face when it comes to moving used personal belongings from one country to another owing to the customs regulations of every individual country. Our team is headed by one of the most experienced in terms of international relocations who work with a wide network of agents who facilitate complete destination services for individuals or institutions utilizing the services of international removals. Institutions like schools, or diplomatic circles like embassies are generally entertained by us with their enquiries

Exhibition Cargo

Events and exhibitions are a world wide phenomena and Kuwait is no exception. The Kuwait International Fair grounds holds exhibitions round the year and the exhibitors avail our services of freight forwarding or clearance as per their needs. TCS has had the credit to handle exhibits such as automobiles, industrial products, spares, consumer durables and FMCG products in the past to the utmost satisfaction of its clientele.


Pharmaceuticals have its own special needs when being transported from one country to another specially those kind which has to be moved under a specific condition. We have the necessary exposure and expertise to handle Pharma products of one and all kinds.

Critical Shipment

Blood plasma, serum, medical samples, plantations, saplings, tissue samples for biopsy or any such critical shipments which need to be shipped under special care and conditions can be handled by TCS through their agents meant specially for the stated purpose. Also shipments that need immediate clearance at the sea port or air port could be handled well by TCS.

Perishable Cargo

Cargo such as fruits and vegetables which fall under the category of perishables are promptly handled by the ground staff of TCS at the air port, sea-port or road border on arrival and delivered in time for distribution. The staff is well experienced in handling perishable cargo to make sure of its validity.

Container Sales

Trading division of TCS is kept alive by trading activities of marine products such as box containers of all sizes which are generally bought by individuals or institutions for the purpose of storage. The containers dealt by us are also used ideally for the purpose of one way shipping of cargo by shippers.

Flexi Tanks

Bulk liquid transport of liquids which are classified as non IMCO, namely fruit juices, latex, edible oil, used oil, hydraulic oils and the like are generally transported in a flexi tank fitted into a 20′ dry container. The trading division of marine products also undertakes trading of flexi tanks for the local end users of such products.